Italcer becomes member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions by Solar Impulse Foundation
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Rubiera, Italy – Italcer is member of the “World Alliance for Efficient Solutions by Solar Impulse Foundation”, the NGO globally promoting green energy and sustainable technologies.

Sustainability and innovation are the cornerstones of the company that created ADVANCE Antibacterial & Bio-Air Purifying, the antiviral, antibacterial and antipollution porcelain stoneware.

Italcer, the leading Italian manufacturer of high-end ceramic tiles and luxury bathroom furnishings, has joined the prestigious "World Alliance for Efficient Solutions", the NGO committed to promoting green energy and sustainable technologies on a global level and helping governments, companies and institutions reach their ESG goals.

The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions was created by the Solar Impulse Foundation on the wave of the success of Solar Impulse, the first solar-powered aeroplane to circle the globe. The Foundation is chaired by Bertrand Piccard, the visionary aviator at the head of the project of flying around the world without fossil fuel.

The network unites over 4,000 members, including startups, corporations, investors and associations from over 40 countries, and counts among its partners select international companies offering services, processes and technologies that can lead us to a sustainable economy (Air France, Adeo, Air Liquide, Breitling, BNP Paribas, Covestro, Engie, LVMH, MovinOn, Michelin Corporate Foundation, Schlumberger, Schneider Electric Foundation, Solvay, Soprema, Deutsche Telekom).

The Italcer Group will bring its expertise in the area of ESG on the strength of its focus on sustainability performance, where the company plans to invest €30 million over the next three years to meet the needs of an increasingly green consumer.

Graziano Verdi, CEO of Italcer Group, commented: “We are honoured to be a member of such an influential network. Within the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions we will be cross-fertilising ideas with industrial and institutional organisations that share our goal of offering concrete solutions for a sustainable future.”