Panasonic launches new factory in Vietnam for indoor air quality devices
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Osaka, Japan – Panasonic Corporation announced that Panasonic Ecology Systems Co., Ltd. and Panasonic Life Solutions Vietnam Co. Ltd. have completed a new factory in Binh Duong Province in Vietnam, and will start the production and shipment of ceiling fans and ventilating fans from October 13, 2021. This is the first factory in the Panasonic Group to handle this product category in Vietnam.

In recent years, interest in better air quality through measures including ventilation has been growing around the world, resulting in increasing demand for indoor air quality (IAQ) related devices such as ventilating fans. Under these situations, Panasonic has been constructing a new factory since October 2019 to meet the active global demand for ventilation solutions.

Located on a site of 49,995 square metres just north of Ho Chi Minh City, the new two-storey factory has a gross floor area of 24,066 square metres. This factory will start with production of ceiling fans for the Vietnamese market this year and add ventilating fans for the domestic and overseas markets, such as Asia, the Middle East and Africa, in the next fiscal year ending March 2023 (FY 2023). As a main production hub for indoor air quality related devices in Southeast Asia, the factory will increase Panasonic’s production volume of these devices in the region to approximately 1.5 times in FY 2026 compared with FY 2021. In FY 2024, a research and development department focused on indoor air quality solutions will be established on the site to develop products tailored to each country’s lifestyles and needs, thereby allowing the site to operate as a factory that integrates development, manufacturing, and sales.

This year, the Panasonic Group marked its half-century anniversary of business in Vietnam since the Vietnam National Company, which manufactured and sold radios and TVs, was established in 1971. In the IAQ field, the Group has been conducting activities to raise awareness of the importance of ventilation through local seminars and exhibitions on ventilation since the late 1990s. The Group is also contributing to the improvement of indoor air quality in Vietnam by promoting a culture that values ventilation.

With the establishment of the new factory, Panasonic will provide healthy and comfortable indoor environments for people by supplying high quality and energy efficient indoor air quality related devices and solutions in Vietnam, Asia, and other global markets.