UNStudio – First stations completed on the Doha Metro Network
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands – UNStudio created a vision for the station designs of the all-new Doha Metro Network, and collaborated with the Qatar Rail Architecture Department on the development of an ‘Architectural Branding Manual’: an extensive set of design guidelines, architectural details and material outlines to assure the spatial quality and identity of the network. This comprehensive design manual served as a set of guidelines that were used by the appointed D&B contractors to deliver the different station types for the first phase.

Prior to the introduction of the metro network last year, most people in Doha travelled by car. One of the key goals of the metro network is therefore to create an efficient and reliable service that encourages the use of public transport as a valid alternative to private transportation. The design of the stations plays a key role in this endeavour, by making use of urban design principles to create public spaces that enhance the urban experience at the pedestrian scale and build new habits for the Doha community.

Furthermore, the creation of a strong station identity for the network creates instant recognition at busy road intersections and functions as a permanent reminder of the alternative to private transportation.

Ben van Berkel: “We are going to move differently in the future. Mobility is changing fast, from the introduction of autonomous vehicles to urban cable cars and the Hyperloop. The mobility hubs of the future have to respond to and cater to these changes. In order to encourage the use of more sustainable forms of transport, these stations not only have to ensure smooth passenger flows, but they need to truly appeal to the public; to be places they want to visit and return to.”