Danfoss announces a comprehensive range of R32-qualified components
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Nordborg, Denmark – With its relatively low global warming potential (GWP) at GWP-675, high volumetric capacity and efficiency, lower purchase price and system charge, R32 has become one of the most popular alternatives – along with R452B and R454B – to R410A for commercial air-conditioning systems and heat pumps. In response to high demand – and following the release of the multi-refrigerant portfolio for R410A/R452B/R454B earlier this year – Danfoss has announced a full range of components that enable OEMs to design R32 systems up to 700kW/260TR.

The portfolio includes:

  • DSF fixed-speed scroll compressors with IDVs, optimized for R32 – full range available by the end of 2020
  • Micro plate heat exchangers (MPHE-Z design), optimized for R32 – full range available by the end of 2020
  • Micro channel heat exchangers (MCHE) adapted for R32
  • DCRE filter driers for larger air-conditioning units
  • The Colibri® Electronic expansion valve (ETS C)
  • System protectors and line components such as NRV check valves, GBC ball valves, STF 4 way valves, EVR v2 solenoid valves, ACB switches and DST P110sensors, SG sight glasses, all qualified for R32. Compatibility has been checked with every raw material and connections over 25mm are all validated according to PED category II except for the EVR v2.

Importantly, Danfoss’s scroll design enables OEMs to take full advantage of R32’s thermodynamic properties, with +10% volumetric capacity for a same compressor size. This optimized design improves the $/TR-€/kW ratio. It also mitigates the impact of high discharge gas temperature, without the need for costly liquid or vapour injection – a significant applied cost benefit – and enables a wide operating map, suitable for use in reversible systems.

And like Danfoss’s DSH multi-refrigerant range, the DSF range is equipped with intermediate discharge valve (IDV) technology to meet the latest seasonal efficiency requirements. 

Matthieu Stoll, Danfoss Cooling, AC Segment Marketing Director said: “Around the world, air-conditioning OEMs are switching away from R410A. By adding a new R32 range of products on top of our existing multi-refrigerant R410A/R452B/R454B portfolio, we’re committed to providing the broadest range of options to our customers. And for the end users, whichever is the application challenges they have, system designed with Danfoss solutions enable high efficiency, reliability, low refrigerant charges and flexibility.”

OEMs who would like to test the new R32 components in their own design are welcome to contact Danfoss.