Zalf presents the new “Spacemakers” system
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Furniture becomes architecture and creates a new paradigm because, instead of taking up space, it now organises it. Zalf, the brand belonging to Gruppo Euromobil specialised in living, bedroom, children’s and teenager’s bedroom and home office furniture based on eye-catching, contemporary design, presents SpaceMakers – Home and night systems, a new, versatile system which plans spaces in different ways and is suitable for various types of homes. From the master bedroom to walk-in wardrobes, from passageways to utility rooms, this system lets you differentiate the aesthetic quality of projects, making the right choice at all times. All this is achieved by using different types of furniture and a wide range of partitions. You can choose from sliding or hinged doors with aluminium frames, plain fronts with a textured finish and full-height integrated handles or projecting ones.

SpaceMakers consists of furniture systems that become architectural structures suitable for any area of the home, following new living trends. Storage units are often multifunctional and always compact and dynamic to meet contemporary living requirements. Thanks to their cross-functional nature, three new wardrobe systems and four walk-in wardrobe systems can be mixed and matched in terms of finishes, depths and heights to satisfy different storage requirements or even needs that are more specifically connected to the physical features of spaces: hinged, sliding, flush-closing sliding doors, walk-in wardrobes in various open versions with slotted rails and with or without infill panels, wall-mount or ceiling-mount poles.

The new SpaceMakers concept is a seemingly small but significant furniture revolution that organises spaces by flexibly generating solutions that contain living functions and do not require vertical partitions but include systems that are finished on the rear or can be fitted back-to-back for all modules and functions, made-to-measure in all three dimensions.