Wilson Associates designs exceptional new five-star hotel in Zhuhai
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Singapore – International interiors firm Wilson Associates has shared the official design of the St. Regis Hotel Zhuhai. Overlooking the waterfront of Wanzai from the top of the iconic Zhuhai Tower, the new five-star property was designed by Wilson Associates’ Singapore studio to bring the grandeur of the first Astor House to China’s emerging Guangdong Province Riviera. Recalling the European Classical inspirations of the Astor aesthetic, this breathtaking destination boasts 251 stunning guest rooms and suites, a host of fine-dining selections, and over 1500 square metres of grand public spaces, as well as a state-of-the-art spa and athletic club.

“In an age where even the most high-end hotels are designed to follow contemporary trends, our inventive team sought to creatively challenge what we’ve come to expect of luxury,” said Soong In Hui, senior design manager in Wilson Associates’ Singapore studio. “Serving as both designers and historians, we were committed to honouring the legacy of the Astor family, underscoring a firm adherence to a stylistic tradition not normally found in this part of the world.”

Recognised for its familiar Beaux-Arts interior vocabulary, St. Regis’ spectacular 31-storey outpost in Zhuhai cleverly translates the language of luxury into a distinct hospitality experience, unique to New York City circa 19th century. Each guest’s arrival is hallmarked by signature standards of the St. Regis brand – bold colour palettes, imported fresh flowers, and door-to-door butler service. The lobby’s soft marble interiors draw the eye upward to a massive, glittering chandelier, of which there are over 500 of varying sizes throughout the hotel, hung from an ornately crafted ceiling.

As visitors continue to explore the hotel’s lavishly-adorned interiors, full-height glazing around every corner capitalises on sweeping views of the South China Sea and the city lights of nearby Macau. Marrying the European styling with the local culture, Wilson Associates’ design team curated an art programme that journeys guests from the early beginnings of Zhuhai as a shipping port to the region’s modern-day activities. This narrative is exemplified through eye-catching murals and custom landscape oil paintings — each piece depicting the locale through history while utilising Western oil painting techniques — as well as dazzling collections of cut-crystal sculptures and antique artifacts.