Baca reveals new racetrack concept
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London, UK – Award-winning floating architecture specialists, Baca, have revealed their exciting new concept for a racetrack design, claimed to be revolutionary. The proposed circuit, pits, grandstands and accompanying eco-leisure resort will all float on the surface of the water, providing a unique racing experience for teams and spectators.

The innovative design of the structure, being explored with engineers Royal Haskoning, would permit it to be dismantled into transportable sections, allowing the track to be leased to various different destinations for periods of time. This extraordinary track would be complimented by an extensive marina, floating hotels and facilities.

The model of a mobile racetrack and accompanying complex opens the possibility of hosting Grand Prix and other motorsport events to many more countries with international waterfronts around the world and would add a fresh and unique dynamic to racing. Images currently released are artistic representations of the concept without safety precautions, such as barriers and run-offs, which would necessarily be incorporated.