Miysis pays tribute Notre Dame de Paris with a glass roof
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Miysis Studio 3D wants to pay tribute to Notre Dame de Paris with a respectful reconstruction of an edifice that has endured for generations. Miysis wants its proposition to evoke both its traditional structure whilst also taking on the ambitious challenge of developing a new vision that is more deeply rooted in our present. So that Notre Dame may not only recover her original beauty and continue her journey through time but also remain a striking and powerful symbol for all future generations to come.

Miysis wants to preserve the dimensions and volumes of the original roof. They have chosen a discreet and sober exterior appearance that does not distort the silhouette of the building. The setting up of a canopy taking up the rhythm and position of the original frame seemed interesting to the architect. It takes the form of stained glass, while conferring a very simple aesthetic, close to the original roof.

The team at Miysis has designed a new space accessible to visitors. They could walk quietly through the volume of the roof that Notre Dame intimates called “The Forest”. On the ground, the floor is reminiscent of the structure that has now disappeared. This same structure, some of which were reconstructed in the same way and took their symbolic place at four ends of the roof.

In the centre of the building there is an arrow. Reconstructed identical, by the best craftsmen, dressed in more modern materials and whose appearance is undeniably faithful to the original.  An arrow that found the colossus that accompanied her for so many years and was miraculously saved. This arrow, iconic, will have regained its place and will not be illuminated highlighted as never before in its history.