Dahua CPSE Press Conference - To Embrace the Era of AI
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Dahua Technology, a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, held a new product launch & press conference in Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Shenzhen, one day before the grand opening of the 16th China Public Security Expo (CPSE 2017). At the press conference, Dahua Chairman, Mr. Fu Liquan, together with Dahua CEO, Mr. Li Ke, and Dahua VP, Mr. Michael Chen, Mr. Zhang Xingming, and Mr. Zhang Wei, held an in-depth dialogue with well-known industry experts, business elites and customers represented by Professor Jin Cheng, doctoral supervisor of Fudan University, Mr. Zhang Yu, CTO, IoT Department of Intel China and Deputy Captain Long Haiyong, command police brigade of the Traffic Police Detachment of Liuzhou City Public Security Bureau, Guangxi Province. They discussed about how to capitalise on the rise of artificial intelligence, which led to the thoughts of industrial ecosystem.

Mr. Fu Liquan expressed that he is thankful for the support of customers and partners which is why Dahua has established core competency in video centric technologies. “Let’s strengthen our partnership, focus on Artificial Intelligence and build an Industrial Ecosystem to capitalize on the emerging trend together”, said Mr Fu.

Throughout the years, Dahua insists on innovation-driven development. Dahua successfully accomplished transition from analog to digital HD and to intelligent video, from products to solutions then to operating services, Dahua has made remarkable achievements. Facing the unprecedented opportunity presented by the era of smart IoT, Dahua has been building up our core capabilities, exploring adjacent technologies and business sectors, and integrating the business value chain. Dahua technology, as a leading video centric smart IoT solution and service provider, will pragmatically drive the implementation of new technologies to help customers to take advantage of the market transition.

Dahua will further consolidate and enhance its position in smart city and commercial markets. We will make a full scale entry to consumer market, promote the development of Dahua brand in overseas, establish a global sales and service infrastructure. Dahua will partner with leading companies in the respective territory to form an industrial ecosystem focus on AI technology and the implementation in smart IoT, to meet the technical and business challenges brought by the disruptive innovation in the era of Artificial Intelligence.
From the Experts - Integrated Innovation is a New Frontier in Artificial Intelligence.

During the event, Fudan University Professor Jin Cheng indicated that high definition video surveillance is a key source of data used in city security, using the case of security coverage for large-scale international events. Artificial intelligence technology has achieved the automatic recognition and analysis of image data. And this is only the beginning – future artificial intelligence will evolve from sensing and perception to cognition and complete intelligence, finally culminating in the arrival of creative intelligence.

Intel has recently released its newest 10nm chip. Mr. Zhang Yu explained that the security industry is becoming an important field in artificial intelligence industrialization driven by the development trends in artificial intelligence technology. Based on the strengths of its chip technology, Intel is developing long term partnerships with global security industry leaders, such as Dahua, to collaborate in the enablement of a “thinking” smart city.

Liuzhou city is a national role model for city traffic management. Captain Long Haiyong presented the development and current application of Liuzhou’s intelligent traffic management system, illustrated how innovative Dahua technologies such as automatic capture, smart recognition, and big data, have promoted the informatization of the police work, which has played an important role in the enhancement of city traffic management capabilities.

Zhang Xingming: Artificial Intelligence Drives the Future

In the new product release session, Mr. Zhang Xingming, Dahua VP, General Manager of Dahua R&D Center, articulated the fundamental changes brought by AI in terms of improving business productivity and transforming business value. Dahua is going to drive the industry transformation by building a “Cloud Ecosystem for Smart Future”.

“Cloud Ecosystem” is tightly coupled to Dahua Video Cloud, which creates value for customers by proactively working with strategic partners to deliver end-to-end total solution. In face of challenges posed by the smart IoT era, Dahua Video Cloud has released its line of smart storage products which integrate intelligence with cloud storage and video surveillance platform technologies into a single product. Dahua’s transportation big data platform can predict the status of traffic 15 minutes into the future, achieving traffic status analysis and optimizing traffic signal management. Dahua’s multidimensional big data platform merges video, RFID, facial, vehicle, and other types of data, and creates complete individual profiles in real time according to factors such as space and time, social relationship, and other characteristics. Dahua has also released Magic Cube, which transforms Dahua Video Cloud capabilities into a microservice capable of achieving unified app store publishing, unified management, and unified interface. It enables our partners to develop a complete solution in much shorter time.

“Smart Future” is exerting full power in four factors: computing, intelligence, sensing and ecosystem, to promote industrial upgrading and transformation. Dahua seamlessly integrates cloud and edge computing to redefine “end-to-end computing” in the era of AI. Dahua launches “DeepSense” AI-powered product series based upon the advantages of edge computing, such as narrow bandwidth, low latency, high security, good reliability and low cost. “Sharp eye” all-in-1 camera adopts MOVIDIUS solution, realizing full scale capture of details and supporting real-time comparison of 8 face attributes and 8 body characteristics in a database up to 1 million records. “Smart” series of traffic camera is the world’s first to use global shutter CMOS and the industry’s biggest 9 Mega pixel sensor. “DeepSense” series NVR uses NVIDIA TX1 and INTEL FPGA solution to realize fusion analysis, comparison, retrieval and storage, supporting 32-channel real-time video structuring and real-time comparison of 100,000 face database. “DeepSense” series video structure server uses NVIDIA P4 solution, supporting 192 real-time video structuring and 256-channel real-time comparison of 100 million face database.

Dahua launches its first AI-powered smart X-ray detection server, which automatically identifies control items such as knives, umbrellas, batteries, and liquids, realizing a substantial increase in detection rate and reduction in operating costs. Portrait big data is also launched, which uses the time and space information of a target person’s trajectory and face attribute to identify people accompanying the target. Human body posture analysis adopts joint point positioning technology to achieve non-face people detection and search. The newly launched ultra-high-resolution “Guardian” panoramic series has maximum resolution of 32 Mega Pixel. It utilizes innovative stitching fusion technology to solve the technical problem of monitoring super large scenes. The Aurora camera series adopts SONY 4.63μm starlight big pixel technology and multi-spectral imaging technology. Innovative fusion algorithm is used to calibrate color signal and brightness signal of each spectrum for noise reduction and to perform image fusion processing. It realizes over 20 times enhancement of the low-light imaging performance, subverting the color imaging visual experience in the lowest illumination. In the field of coaxial HD, Dahua has launched HDCVI 4.0, which supports 4K real-time transmission, audio high fidelity and integrated IoT sensing technology.

Most importantly, Mr. Zhang introduced Dahua advanced converged architecture X80 product which converges computer, switch, storage, AI computation, business logic into a single box. It supports 130 million person/day face modeling, 800 channels of real time video structuring, 20 billion people/second real time face comparison to meet the needs of metropolitan of up to 10 million population. It reduces power consumption by 40% and space occupation by 60%. It is undoubtedly “the strongest thinking machine” for smart city, smart business and smart living.

Dahua leadership team went on stage to addressed questions from the press surrounding Dahua’s plan to embrace challenges brought by AI, strategic resources placement, new business development and overseas business target in next year. Dahua will continue to focus on technology innovation to drive growth. With our core competency in “audio, visual, smart, control” to help improve city safety, business productivity and a good experience of smart living for consumers.

The products and technologies mentioned in this article will be in display in CPSE 2017 from October 29th to November 1th. Dahua’s booth is located at Stand 1B07, NO.1 International Hall, China Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. With a mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”, Dahua will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality, and Service”, to serve partners and customers around the world.

Note: Some products are not available in all countries and districts at the time of launch.