Singapore Welcomes a RoboCop Car Equipped With its Own Drone
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Combining new and emerging technologies can result in quite some interesting contraptions. This is especially true in Singapore, as the country may soon deploy a robotic security car. That in itself is quite a novelty, even though most people will look at the vehicle as “cute” rather than something that would tirelessly chase a perpetrator. Then again, looks can be deceiving, and this RoboCop car is no different.

The vehicle itself is created by a local startup. On the surface, the RoboCop car looks like a bulkier golf cart with a set of decent wheels, headlights, and a sleek Tron-esque bodywork. Weighing in at just 176 pounds, it is not the heaviest vehicle by any means either. In fact, one could easily flip it over with a bit of effort. It is not advised anyone should try doing so, though, as this car should not be messed with.

The vehicle is equipped with 3D LIDAR sensors, GPS, and other technology to spot intruders and potential suspects. Additionally, it can also detect objects left behind unattended for a longer period of time and flag those as “potential danger”. Although this approach may yield a lot of fake results over time, the only way to improve this technology is by letting it roam around Singapore.

What makes the car really interesting is how it comes packed with its very own security drone. This drone can be used to chase intruders from a distance of 300 feet away. Such a drone can prove to be extremely useful in scenarios where obstacles prevent the car itself from moving about. Additionally, an aerial view of the area could help expose potential hiding places as well. It is quite the versatile security package, to say the least.

It is evident robots will play a big role in keeping Singapore safe in a few years from now. After all, the region wants to become the world’s first true smart city, which means experimenting with RoboCop cars is more than warranted. The car will be made available for rent at the price of $10,000 per month, which is quite steep. Then again, it is cheaper than hiring four security guards. A car doesn’t need sleep, nor vacation.

It is important to keep in mind Singapore has no plans to fully replace human security guards by any means. Low-level tasks can be completed by the RoboCop car, but proper investigative work will always be a human task. Complementing human skills with tireless robotics can prove to be quite the potent combination. It will be interesting to see how the general public responds to this cute but professional vehicle.