Bosch’s MIC cameras enable AI-based detection of unauthorized access and criminal activities at the port terminal in Peru

MIC IP ultra 7100i cameras from Bosch were recently installed on around ten 40-meter-high masts to meet the high-security requirements at the port of Paracas in Peru. The port operators were looking for a video security solution to ensure reliable, high-resolution surveillance of an 11-hectare area, even when faced with the adverse weather conditions that are typical in the region, including stormy winds and extremely salty air. “Our previous cameras from a different supplier were unable to meet our expectations. That represented a major security risk, as we weren’t technically equipped to reliably detect intruders and their potential criminal activities in sensitive areas involving the loading or unloading of goods at the port terminal and take the necessary action,” explains César Rojas, Operations Manager at the port of Paracas.

Solution to handle the special challenges of port security

Thanks to MIC IP ultra 7100i cameras from Bosch with UHD (4K) resolution, 12x zoom, and optical image stabilization (OIS), the port’s management team have found a solution that now satisfies all their requirements. MIC cameras are moving pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) devices. Remote panning, tilting, and zooming from a control room gives them excellent coverage of large areas. These technical features won over the management team. “Thanks to ultra-high definition, we can detect intruders and see what they’re up to in sharp detail for the first time. As a result of optical image stabilization, this is even the case if strong winds rock the masts with the cameras attached at a height of 40 meters, or if we zoom up to 12x in the very salty air,” says Rojas about the rugged and high-performance of the Bosch cameras.

Intelligent cameras take security to the next level

The MIC cameras being used can even be trained to recognize user-specified target objects (both stationary and moving) so as to automatically alert the port’s security personnel of unusual activity. This AI-based intelligent tracking also makes it possible to determine the exact position of objects so that, in the event of an emergency, staff can get to precisely the right location faster.