Resideo Launches New Smart Thermostat with Integrated Home Comfort Solutions

Resideo Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of solutions for home comfort, security, and safety, today launched its Honeywell Home T10+ Smart Thermostat Kits.

Resideo has enhanced its popular ENERGY STAR® certified Honeywell Home T10 Pro Smart Thermostat that launched in 2019. The new Honeywell Home T10+ Smart Thermostat Kits with RedLINK® 3.0 offer additional control over three types of indoor air quality (IAQ) equipment simultaneously. Resideo’s proprietary RedLINK® 3.0 technology and Equipment Interface Module enables simple set up and a customizable solution for each customer from a single device.

"Balancing IAQ is complex, and our new T10+ Smart Thermostat Kits can help our professional HVAC installers quickly and easily customize humidification, dehumidification and ventilation – in addition to heating and cooling," said Scott Ziffra, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Product Management at Resideo. "The additional IAQ capabilities can help professionals drive add-on sales and increase profitability, and the additional accessories can be installed in minutes."

The Honeywell Home T10+ Smart Thermostat Kits are available through U.S. distributors and work smoothly with the Resideo Pro app to support ProIQ™ Services, which launched earlier this year. The kits include, or can work with various accessories, such as the following:

Honeywell Home T10+ Smart Thermostat offers complete and customizable control of a home’s IAQ, heating and cooling and can be managed via the Resideo app;

Equipment Interface Module (EIM) allows for easy professional installation of humidification, dehumidification, and ventilation systems – without running new wires;

Wireless Smart Room Sensor extends the reach of the thermostat beyond one hallway to detect temperature, humidity and occupancy in rooms, and automatically adjusts the smart thermostat based on preferences and schedule;

Wireless Outdoor Sensor provides real-time, outdoor temperature and humidity readings to help balance IAQ inside the home;

Return and Supply Air Sensor offers real-time temperature readings in ductwork for equipment protection; and,

Floor/Slab Sensor monitors the floor temperature for radiant, in-floor heating applications (sensor not included in the kits).

Later this summer, individual elements of the kits, including the smart thermostat and accessories, will be available separately through distributors in the U.S. and Canada.

"I recently installed the Honeywell Home T10+ Smart Thermostat kit in my home and was very impressed with the ease of installation," said Caleb Corken, Manager of One-Hour Heating and Cooling in Lee’s Summit, Mo. "From connecting my whole home humidification system to the thermostat to setting up the Resideo app, I was very pleased with the entire installation process. My company recommends the T10+ Smart Thermostat kit to our customers to help meet their IAQ needs."