BCD Develops New Virtualized Solution to Revolutionize Physical Security

BCD, an industry leader in IP video data infrastructure solutions, announces the expansion of its virtualized infrastructure solutions with vSTORE. vSTORE is a highly-available solution that leverages virtual machine technology to optimize the utilization of system resources and reduce your total cost of ownership.

With vSTORE, a common storage point acts as a centralized storage location for all files that make up the virtual machine. This centralized storage location is comprised of high-speed SAN storage, allowing for VM migration upon failure between nodes. With vSTORE, the virtual machines, as well as primary and secondary storage, are all SAN-based. Because of this, the recording server only needs enough local storage available to install ESXi in a highly available, resilient deployment.

In the event of a node failure, vSTORE migrates all virtual machines to the remaining nodes, completely eliminating the risk of downtime. With the ability to run all access control, building management, and video management systems on the system, vSTORE also eliminates the need to run multiple appliances while providing resiliency – even to systems that do not natively support failover. Additionally, virtualization inherently leads to a reduction in the amount of bare-metal hardware purchased as resources on the server are used more efficiently.

vSTORE differs from hybrid HCI solutions like REVOLV by eliminating the additional costs of VMware and vSAN licensing, as well as reducing the complex infrastructure of hybrid HCI solutions. vSTORE delivers the same benefits as REVOLV hHCI at a fraction of the cost.

vSTORE provides security professionals with VMS-agnostic high availability for virtual machines, regardless of the native capability of the software being deployed on the virtual machines. In addition to high availability, vSTORE:

  • Does not require local storage on the server, just enough storage to deploy ESXi
  • Can create two-node highly available clusters without the requirement of a passive witness node at an independent location
  • Additional nodes may be added to increase the number of virtual machines that can be deployed

Paired with BCD’s Deepstor® SAN storage solutions, vSTORE provides robust, scalable, and easy-to-deploy external storage. Deepstor provides security professionals with a user-friendly interface that makes installation, configuration, and system management simple for any user, regardless of technical experience.