Detection Technology expands its manufacturing in Finland to offer EU Origin products

29 December 2022: Detection Technology expands its manufacturing in Oulu, Finland, to offer a wider range of EU Origin products and to enhance customer experience. With the expansion, the company is better positioned to serve its European and American customers. The manufacturing in Oulu enables faster service and delivery for customers outside Asia and cost savings in US tariffs.

The company will focus on the end assembly and testing in Oulu of specific product families, while other manufacturing steps remain in its volume production sites in China. During the first phase, the company will focus on transferring the Oulu site to support the assembly of linear detector arrays, so-called X-Scan series, and scintillators. Following this, the company aims to build enablers for the small volume production of detector boards and flat panel detectors.

“We believe that this strategic move will make us more competitive globally. It is noteworthy that this is also important from a risk mitigation and competence development point of view. We see it as a win-win situation for all stakeholders. With the expansion, we aim to make around ten per cent of our annual sales in Oulu. The expansion will not have any direct impacts on the production capabilities and capacity at other sites,” says Hannu Martola, President and CEO of Detection Technology.

“To reach our targets in the first phase, we will double the size of the cleanroom and set up an assembly line for security and industrial products. The renewed cleanroom will have a separate scintillator assembly and coating rooms that enable an increase in the silicone-based scintillator assembly capacity,” says Kai Utela, Vice President of Operations at Detection Technology.

“The production in Oulu will be modular and easily scalable, based on demand. We are known for world-class manufacturing with high flexibility. Our operations in Oulu are designed to support fast-paced volume and product mix changes and will run on the same high standards as our other production sites.”

The production expansion in Oulu will be kicked off during Q2 in 2023 and will be completed by the end of 2023. Production will commence in early 2024.

Detection Technology has a volume production site in Beijing, China, and a service and production site in Wuxi, China. In addition, a small-series production of the multi-energy (ME) product line is carried out in Moirans, France. The Oulu operations have been supporting new product introduction (NPI) since 2014.

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