VIVOTEK to Showcase Its Next-Generation VMS, VAST Security Station, at Security Essen 2022

VIVOTEK announces today that it would be showcasing its power intelligent video management software, VAST Security Station (VSS), for the first time at Booth 5C42 in Hall 5 of this year’s Security Essen in Germany.

"The VSS is an integral component of VIVOTEK’s next-generation video management solutions. It offers intuitive services and mechanisms to search, monitor, and manage surveillance footage easily, helping customers get the most out of their VIVOTEK products," asserted Product Planning Director Louis Liao. Regarding features, Louis emphasized, "The VIVOTEK VSS provides a platform for all AI imaginable and for searching for and connecting to various network cameras while providing a data shield to ensure information security. Users can carry out investigations with Deep Search to maximize search efficiency. Solutions can also be tweaked to meet the distinct needs of different users. What’s more, the VIVOTEK VSS is future-proof, capable of seamless system upgrades at any time without breaking the bank."

Post-hoc video investigation and evidence processes are often long and difficult. The VIVOTEK VSS and its powerful AI analytical tools can significantly enhance evidence identification and collection efficiency. The built-in Deep Search functionality further allows users to run constrained searches by history, scene, or attribute and consolidated searches using data from multiple cameras.

When running attribute searches, the system converts metadata into quantifiable targets for faster people/vehicle attribute identification, including gender, age (adult/child), apparel color (upper/lower), and accessories (hat/backpack) or vehicle type (car/truck/scooters/bicycle) and color. VIVOTEK leverages edge AI technology to enable image analyzing at the source and enhance video analysis accuracy over time. The VIVOTEK VSS also offers line crossing/loitering/intrusion detection and automated event warning options to facilitate security management.

A range of essential to advanced IP surveillance solutions centered on the all-new VIVOTEK VSS is scheduled for launch in the first half of 2023.

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