CHeKT and Camect build an AI integration for video monitoring

CHeKT Inc. has announced an integration with Camect’s Smart Camera Hub. Using artificial intelligence, the Camect Smart Camera Hub analyses video streams and detects specific objects using an onboard deep learning AI engine. Together CHeKT and Camect provide accurate and active critical event detection.  These detection alerts are then delivered to customers and professional alarm monitoring centres across the globe. 

CHeKT’s Video Monitoring as a Service (VMaaS) allows security companies and alarm dealers to create proactive video detection solutions with video systems and alarm systems and provide customers with professional video alarm monitoring. 

With the OPTEX Video Bridge powered by CHeKT, video detection is created by leveraging traditional security sensors or edge base video analytics on cameras. However, in many cases, traditional sensors and camera analytics do not have the intelligent object classification needed for proactive exterior video alarm monitoring. With Camect AI integration, security companies will use Camect’s high-end AI Engine as an alarm trigger. The Camect Hub becomes AI detection zones for the customer’s CHeKT Video Security system. 

"CHeKT and Camect together create a powerful video detection solution for security dealers and their customers," said David Erickson, Director of Operations for CHeKT. "Dealers can define special AI rules and the filters needed to initiate the burglary alarm signals. With alerts going directly to the monitoring centre and as a push notification to the customer’s CHeKT mobile app."  

"Using Camect’s AI engine as video detection will reduce the nuisance alarms commonly associated with edge-based video analytics and give our central station partners a high level of confidence when providing video monitoring services," said Erickson.   

"Innovation is the backbone of Camect. Partnering with security monitoring leader CHeKT allows their alarm dealers to work more efficiently and cost effectively. The team at CHeKT have been great partners in integrating our Camect AI solution with their bridge. It is the first in a series of growth steps we are thrilled to be taking with CHeKT," said Ron Grubbs, VP of Sales for Camect. 

With Camect AI and CHeKT integration, central stations can spend more time examining legitimate critical events, optimising central station resources, and providing security companies with the confidence needed to communicate the benefits of their Video Alarm Monitoring services.