Bosch Inteox cameras with Traffic Detector software are integrated with Genetec Security Center to offer transportation security solution

Bosch offers a smart choice to address these challenges with its Inteox fixed and moving camera models, Traffic Detector software, and seamless integration with Genetec Security Center. This may help transportation professionals who need to reduce response times, improve traffic flow, and enhance their driving experience. 

Developed on Bosch’s intellectual property in automotive applications, the Traffic Detector software is founded on deep neural network-based video analytics. It is trained using high-quality, real-life data from the field, enabling it to recognize patterns to tackle more complex tasks faster, easier, and more accurately. The software is designed to detect, classify, and count overlapping trucks, buses, motorcycles, and bicycles in congested roadway scenes, with additional metadata, including speeds, location, and color. It also can detect and count people.

Data collected from the Traffic Detector software provide actionable insights for improving the efficient use of roadways and the safety of people and vehicles in tunnels and on highways. Robust algorithms are trained to ignore potential disruptions caused by vehicle headlights or shadows, extreme weather, and sun reflections. The Traffic Detector software delivers accuracy levels beyond 95 percent – a necessary threshold for enhanced safety applications.

System integrators and users benefit from Bosch’s ongoing partnership with Genetec. Genetec Security Center is built from the ground up to unify all data, including security policies, events, and investigations. Its extensive ecosystem allows users to expand their systems with the technology necessary to face emerging threats. It also accommodates new data types seamlessly in one interface.

The Security Center Traffic Sensor Management module is a system to take full advantage of traffic data. It ingests near-real-time traffic data captured from various traffic sensors to give a better understanding of traffic flow.

The Traffic Detector software from Bosch seamlessly integrates with the Traffic Sensor Management Module of Genetec Security Center. Video analytics events triggered by the Traffic Detector are converted by the Traffic Sensor Management Module into easy-to-understand dashboards to support informed decision-making and help users predict potential incidents. The data is analyzed to provide object counts and classifications, object speeds, GPS position and traffic volumes. Thresholds can then be set on this data to generate automated alerts. With the support of Bosch metadata, objects can be highlighted with overlays. Data can also be used to support multiple Intelligent Transportation Systems applications like intersection monitoring, improved situational awareness in tunnels and on highways, parking management, unmistakable object detection and tracking, and highly accurate count of people in various applications.