RightCrowd Launches RightCrowd Access Analytics at ISC West 2022

RightCrowd, a major provider of integrated safety, security, and compliance solutions, displayed its extended product offerings at ISC West 2022 on 14th March 2022. This company’s workplace access platform enables secure workplaces by offering an integrated set of intelligent solutions to identify hitherto concealed access security as well as to mechanize their controls and to ensure that authorized presence is visible.

The RightCrowd Access Analytics solution permits users to map, measure and monitor access rights across a workforce. Moreover, it provides contemporary reporting on unwelcome access to facilities, buildings, and areas. Such reports enable organizations to better keep track of privileged physical access, policy compliance, cardholders, access levels, and more. The RightCrowd Workforce Access mechanizes, optimizes, enforces and provides physical access for employees, contractors, and visitors. Furthermore, the RightCrowd Presence Control implements safety, security, and compliance policies through an active digital identity in the form of security wearables. By doing so, organizations can manage authorized workers via continuous visual validation and presence monitoring.

Right Crowd Access Analytics is another leading solution in the field of physical security that adjusts cyber security technology and capability to the needs of physical security teams. This technology can immediately identify people with inappropriate access to security systems, buildings, facilities, and critical areas. Such a development is especially pertinent when millions of people are working from home and when 90% of access control systems contain outdated data. This technology however measures and monitors risks everyday to maintain a proactive visibility and to regain total knowledge and control of their security environment.

Also, the RightCrowd Presence Control solution puts a multi-factor authentication system in place for physical security. This newly introduced system would then ensure that organizations can better handle security threats like tailgating, credential theft, and contact tracing. By Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, along with continuous validation and visualization, RightCrowd’s Presence Control security wearable permits instant recognition to determine if people are permitted to be in the area that they are in. The wearable badge enables immediate visibility and ensures that employees can raise the alarm during emergencies or security incidents that involve staff from their respective organizations. RightCrowd Presence Control aligns with an organization’s existing physical access control system to maintain one repository of users and access rights.

Created to provide and reinforce control, these aforementioned solutions offer expanded compliance functionality without the need to replace existing security infrastructure. Visitors to the RightCrowd booth can learn about the full suite of intelligent workplace access products featured in the booth.