RealNetworks Debuts SAFR SCAN

SAFR SCAN™,  the world’s leading facial recognition platform for live video intelligence, was publicly disclosed on the 23rd of March at the ISC West 2022 trade show in Las Vegas.

This product harnesses AI that offers high verification capacities and identification for novel and developing applications in workforce management, physical security as well as health safety. SAFR SCAN provides seamless and speedy throughput enabling up to 30 individuals to be verified per minute. Moreover, the competitive price point of SAFR would attract both organizations large and small. Regardless of its use, SAFR can be installed on site, in the cloud, embedded in a smart camera, or with a VMS. All enrolled and scanned biometric data is completely encrypted without capturing any visual imagery of individuals’ faces for privacy purposes.

For enhanced physical security, SAFR SCAN showcases anti-spoofing technology with 3D structured light and RGB to certify the liveness of the individual being screened. As SAFR SCAN relies on touchless biometrics technology instead of a keycard-based system, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The device will be sold in North America via a network of system integrators and has an MSRP of $1,199.