Malaysia’s Immunitee Health Passport Gains Approval in Singapore To Ensure Safe and Secure Travel
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Singapore is slated to accept travellers from Malaysia in the near future as Malaysia’s Immunitee Health Passport has been formally accepted in Singapore, according to media reports.

Created by Malaysian digital health company Immunitee, the passport provides the ability for people to have an electronic record of their detailed testing and vaccination history. In turn, this allows safe and quarantine-free travel and facilitates the opening up of borders and the economy without compromising health security elements.

Immunitee is an open source blockchain Vaccine Registry Management System (VRMS) providing a low cost system to countries needing to roll out mass vaccination programmes while maintaining the protection of patient data.

User data such as passport and identification numbers, vaccine record, past medical history and test results are stored in the blockchain, encrypted and only accessible by the user. Immunitee says the platform only has access to record the username, contact and email address and no data concerning the user's physical location is stored.

Airlines, border control authorities and other related institutions can then access this information via a secure QR code, ensuring a seamless and secure clearance at health checkpoints.

Dr Nick Boden, Chief Executive Officer, Immunitee, was cited in the media saying: "Vaccines have been developed at ‘breakneck’ speeds and are being supplied to governments and the private sector. It is important to ensure that the cold chain and vaccine management systems are in place to ensure proper traceability and authenticity. Patient safety and the ability to track adverse events are an essential part of the roll out.”