Delta Scientific Partners with Australia's Knight Brothers to Provide Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
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Delta Scientific, the leading manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems used in the United States and internationally, today announced that it has partnered with Knight Brothers Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia, to provide security professionals and public space operators with crash-rated vehicle mitigation solutions that protect people and facilities. Knight Brothers have recently secured a contract for a major event coming to Australia in the spring that will feature eleven Delta MP5000 portable barriers.

"Australia is developing an increased focus in this space, highlighted by a recent national strategy relating to the practical implementation of suitable measures to protect places of mass gathering", emphasizes Dr Daniel Knight, director of Knight Brothers.

"Having been involved in the high-security industry and working closely with Delta Scientific for some years, it was clear that Australian venue, event and public space operators were facing various challenges implementing temporary and deployable vehicle protection measures which were crash-certified to international standards."

Knight adds, "Knight Brothers offers government and commercial clients the ability to procure high-quality and certified vehicle protection solutions from an Australian owned and operated company that is supported by global leader Delta Scientific. We have already developed a strong response from operators of some of Australia's leading sporting stadiums and event venues and will be seeing Delta's portable barrier systems in use from early 2018."

Delta's MP5000 portable barricades and TB100 temporary bollards can be installed in 15 minutes or less to protect streets, entrances or wide expanses such as access to pedestrian areas or even airport runways. They protect people and critical infrastructures at public events such as parades, festivals, sporting weekends and any place were vehicles could attack transitory events. Mobile deployable vehicle crash barriers carry a recognized K8 rating (M40 ASTM rating), stopping a 6400 kg vehicle traveling 64 km/h.

"Australian security professionals are very lucky to have Knight Brothers available to help them with their expanding vehicle protection needs," relates Greg Hamm, Delta Scientific vice president of marketing and sales. "After providing years of engineering and construction security hardening guidance to Australian clients, including vehicle protection equipment, Daniel Knight is an extremely valuable resource to both Australian security professionals and end users.