Occly LLC Introduces the First Wearable Body Cam Alarm System for the Security and Industrial Safety Industries
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Occly LLC manufacturers the first wearable Body Cam Alarm System, featuring four cameras that capture nearly 280 degrees around a worker to provide employee safety and protection. The system continuously records an employee's environment, compressing, encrypting and storing them on the Occly hardware.

Occly's revolutionary technology has already made inroads into the construction, railroad/transportation, hospitality and health care industries, with a number of strategic partners and large corporate users signed. Occly also has a partnership with the National Association of Realtors.

In the event of an emergency, with the press of the panic button or the triggering of any one of a number of sensors built into the device, an alarm begins and images, video and audio are quickly sent in real time to The Occly Monitoring Service. Additionally, the system offers GPS tracking, with an indoor location solution in the works.

During an alarm, Occly's Professional Emergency Monitoring representatives receive all relevant information to assess an emergency situation quickly. These trained representatives receive images from before the alarm, as well as video and audio in real time during the event.

For large commercial customers, Occly offers an Enterprise Solution, providing software integration for corporate users including connection to a central dispatch or their own security group. This proprietary solution allows corporate users the same real-time information during an alarm. In addition, it offers the unique ability to tap into hardware in the field for real-time visual and audio of the environment around its employees. The solution also offers GPS tracking and a number of other features.

Current models are Bluetooth-enabled and operated with a smartphone. A cellular version of the product is in development and is slated for delivery in 2018.

Occly already offers a consumer version of the product called Blinc.