Nixu Attempts to Hack an Elevator as Part of IoT Cybersecurity Awareness Event
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Nixu’s IoT Wreckathon event helps companies to improve cybersecurity and raise security awareness in their R&D organizations.

The prediction of all the products in the world being connected is getting closer year by year. The estimates on how many connected devices there will be in 2020 range from 30 billion to over 200 billion. No matter what forecast will end up being true, the fact is that there are tremendous business opportunities in IoT.

Nixu’s mission is to keep the digital society running. In order to help companies identify IoT cybersecurity risks, Nixu is establishing a pioneering event called Nixu Wreckathon, where companies can evaluate the security of their products and services, learn hands-on about product penetration testing, security- and privacy-by-design concepts, all in 30 hours. With the new hacking event concept, Nixu strives to raise the profile of security culture in the IoT domain and showcase how IoT products can be secured. In addition, the wreckathon is an excellent opportunity to challenge Nixu experts with cutting edge technologies in a private Bug Bounty type of event, which feeds the curiosity and enthusiasm of the best professionals in Europe.

The first Nixu Wreckathon, November 9-10, 2017

KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, has been adapting to digitalization for some time. The company utilizes IoT platforms and other advanced technologies to bring intelligent services to elevators and escalators. This enables vast amounts of data from elevator sensors to be monitored, analyzed and displayed in real time, improving equipment performance, reliability and safety.

Being a data-driven company in a safety-critical domain requires significant attention to cybersecurity. In addition to its current robust cybersecurity program, KONE will take part in Nixu’s Wreckathon. In the event KONE and Nixu will put to the test an IoT-enabled elevator. The main motivation for KONE to participate in the Nixu Wreckathon is to further increase its cybersecurity awareness and skills. Wreckathon provides a hands-on opportunity to learn from Nixu cybersecurity professionals.

“KONE takes all safety and security related matters very seriously. Participating in the Nixu Wreckathon is a fun and modern way of challenging the cybersecurity measures of our solutions. It also provides our developers with the opportunity to participate in the event to learn and explore hacker-like thinking,” summarizes Johan Boije, Chief Information Security Officer, KONE Corporation.

“We are very excited about having an IoT innovator like KONE attending our first ever Wreckathon and we are looking forward contributing to the cybersecurity of KONE’s future elevators,” says Aleksandr Värä, Head of Industrial Internet at Nixu Corporation.