Lighting Solutions for Animal Husbandry
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In the area of animal husbandry, the factors of light quantity and the type of light are also decisive for animal wellbeing and health. Studies have shown that lighting programmes exert a positive effect on such things as milk yield, physical growth and reproduction. LED lighting can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of livestock and also provides uniformly bright light in enclosures.

Schwabe solutions provides added value for your products such as increased growth rate, improved wellbeing, efficient production processes and importantly energy savings. In the form of the VS-L-0103, VosslohSchwabe has developed a versatile and efficient 1- to 4-channel control solution for animal husbandry. By making targeted use of spectral light, this solution makes it possible to optimise animal wellbeing and provides pinpoint control of the growth of livestock.

As a result, intelligent light control lets you exert direct influence on yield optimisation and quality improvement.

Spectral LED lighting is used in the following fields:
- Livestock enclosures
- Small-animal husbandry
- Breeding enclosures
- Research facilities
- Climate chambers
- Field lighting (mobile facilities)