Minimised Opton Spotlight Extends Applications To Retail Projects
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Compact spaces, like a small, owner-managed store with a ceiling height of up to 3m, offer different zones and functions much like larger footprints. Whilst individual areas can be visually separated with different illuminance levels, zonal lighting concepts are thwarted all too often by the size of the luminaires or the budget.

Mounted on track, the new minimised Opton spotlights deploy the best possible infrastructure for flexible illumination from a lighting tool designed to be exceptionally flat and compact. Thanks to efficient LED photometrics Opton is available with the various Spherolit lenses for differentiated lighting design, from wallwash for the book shelves, or spot characteristics for the reading corner and the display window, through to oval flood for book display areas or product presentations, and wide flood for ambient lighting.

Versatile deployment A uniform size of luminaire head and control gear housing makes for a compact and cohesive appearance when directed vertically downwards as a downlight. Precisely defined lumen packages combined with the option of brightness control via the integrated potentiometer or an external trailing edge dimmer allow for even broader creative scope in the deployment of the new minimised Opton spotlights. Attractive light that pays off Extending the Opton range with the minimised spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers now makes it easier than ever to provide qualitative lighting design.

The synthesis of efficiency, visual comfort and light quality of the superior Spherolit technology combined with the linear and functional luminaire design results in a price to performance ratio that will impress even the most budget-conscious designer. The new Opton are efficient not only in terms of initial outlay. Attractive light with unique aesthetic appeal creates a quality experience around perfectly presented products. As well as offering new sales potential for the retailer, maintenance-free, robust and energy-efficient LED photometrics help to reduce the operating costs.