Unique Approach to Grazing Wash Lighting and Back-lit Panels
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LPSL exploits the new generation of SMD LEDs that fit in between what has traditionally been a huge performance gap between low power LEDs (0.1 watts approx.) and high power LEDs of 1 to 3 watts or more. 

The cost gap between these two LED families is also very large. The new generation of SMD LEDs that can be driven at 0.25 to 0.5 watts offer enough lumens for most applications but the larger size of the LED chip defied efficient lensing. Illumination Physics has developed a unique optical design that means the light output of these new mid-powered chips can be effectively lensed, producing a potent linear wash light at half the price of the high power alternatives. 

LPSL has been used in large quantities and at great cost saving at Studio City in Macau where the use of back-lit panels is pervasive. The photos below beautifully illustrate this product in action. LPSL is available in a wide range of colour temperatures.