Zhaga Consortium Welcomes Khatod as Regular Member
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Piscataway, NJ, USA – The Zhaga Consortium proudly announces the addition of Khatod as its newest Regular Member. Recognised for its expertise in optoelectronics and innovative lighting solutions, Khatod brings a wealth of knowledge and commitment to the Consortium’s mission of standardizing interfaces of components for LED luminaires.

Khatod is a leader manufacturer of Optical Solutions for the major standard and custom LEDs. Unique on the international scene, it specifies and develops the product process entirely in-house at the technologically advanced production plant in Milan, Italy.

“Our membership in the Zhaga Consortium represents a strategic step in our journey towards global standardization in LED lighting," said Giuseppe Vasta, CEO at Khatod. "We look forward to actively participating in Zhaga’s collaborative initiatives and contributing our insights to shape the future of LED lighting technologies."

The Zhaga Consortium, recognized for its efforts in creating globally standardized interfaces, welcomes Khatod into its network of industry leaders. "We believe that their contributions will significantly contribute to our ongoing efforts to create unified standards that drive the industry forward,” states Heinrich Thye, Secretary General of the Zhaga Consortium.