Inter-lux Launches New Decorative Line
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This new offering provides the commercial and hospitality markets with unique decorative lighting products.

Baltimore, MD, USA – Inter-lux is pleased to announce Inter-lux Decorative, a collection representing the best in decorative lighting design for use in commercial and hospitality markets. Inter-lux Decorative currently includes David Trubridge and Stilnovo. Hush and a few Linea Light products will soon join this collection as well. 

To better support Habitat, a residential product line launched by Inter-lux in September, Habitat has moved to Inter-lux’s residential sales partner, wakaNINE LLC. Habitat products can be found at

“Our new partnership with wakaNINE allows both companies to more effectively serve our customers with lighting options appropriate for our specific markets. We are as excited to bring nature-inspired design to our audience as we are to see Habitat flourish as part of wakaNINE’s creative collection,” says Mark DeVries, CEO.