Versatile KL Spot IP™ Continues Elation Evolution In IP65 Lighting Innovation
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Introducing the KL Spot IP™ by Elation, the epitome of extreme outdoor lighting flexibility.

In the whirlwind of the ever-evolving world of production, lighting professionals yearn for dynamic tools that can be effortlessly fine-tuned and adapt in the blink of an eye. Enter the all-in-one KL Spot IP – a radiant and rugged static luminaire that can also function as an LED Profile by adding the optional motorized framing module, creating a lighting fixture that’s both handily adaptable and primed to set your creative spirit on fire. What’s more, its IP65 rating empowers you to conquer both indoor and outdoor spaces with unmatched versatility.

Simplifying Outdoor Lighting

Elation has embarked on a groundbreaking journey toward simplifying automated static lighting with the KL Spot IP, a venture that began with its companion, the KL Profile FC™. The days of being boxed in by limited options are over. Need to relocate fixtures on the fly? With an integrated zoom lens spanning from 7° to 50°, you can place the KL Spot IP anywhere and still capture the perfect beam size – no extra lens tubes required. This translates to reduced costs, streamlined setups, and unprecedented flexibility for every performance venue and show.

Imagine shooting in warm white, only to seamlessly transition to a cooler daylight ambiance with built-in CCT presets ranging from 2400K to 8500K. Need to infuse vibrant coloured side lighting to delineate your speaker from the background? Tap into the full spectrum RGBMA LED engine. Feel the backdrop lacks depth? Simply select one of the 13 included gobos to add captivating texture to your shot – all with effortless ease. Plus, every aspect of this fixture is motorized, eliminating the need to open it up for adjustments.

Superior light and colour

This extraordinary fixture emanates a superior quality of light, courtesy of its 305W 5-colour homogenized LED array of Red, Green, Blue, Mint, and Amber sources. This calibrated RGBMA engine, boasting a 92 CRI and native colour temperature of 6500 Kelvin, bathes your stage in beautifully diffused saturates, soft-field pastels, and tunable white light. The meticulously tuned LEDs ensure impeccable colour reproduction while delivering a staggering output exceeding 10,600 lumens.

Colour mastery takes center stage with the KL Spot IP, guaranteeing that your designs translate seamlessly to camera. You can effortlessly rectify shifts away from pure white toward green or magenta through a green/magenta shift adjustment and a virtual gel library. From 2400K to 8500K, plus CMY and RGB emulation, you gain access to a mesmerizing palette of LED colours, including exquisite mixed whites. Achieve the perfect white balance for camera without the need for green gels or filters, and rest assured of flicker-free operation when working with high-speed cameras thanks to DMX-adjustable LED refresh rates.

A world of lighting possibilities

Refine visual concepts with intricate designs, shapes, or textures using the fixture’s included 6 rotating/indexing glass gobos and 7 fixed glass gobos, or access the animation wheel for more organic forms or realistic effect looks. Cast a softer light using the variable frost or unlock your creative potential further using the dual prisms and high-speed electronic shutter and strobe. And say goodbye to spill on scenery or cycloramas – the optional motorized framing/iris module offers an effortless solution for intricate shutter cuts and precise beam control.

Furthermore, the KL Spot IP is designed with utmost respect for the silent demands of professional stages and studios, operating at a whisper-quiet level. You can even dial it down to Elation’s Mute Mode, silencing the internal cooling fan when needed.

The KL Spot IP, with its automated lighting prowess with zoom and optional framing capabilities, is an impeccable choice for the gamut of white or colour lighting needs found in broadcasting, theatre, or any performance setting. At long last, a static LED spot solution that doesn’t demand compromises. With the KL Spot IP, you can gracefully adapt to unforeseen challenges, meet the most audacious creative demands, and deliver the premium productions your clients expect.