PROJECT FOCUS: Zonda 9 FX by Ayrton Lights Up Mallorca’s Megapark With Colour
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The Megapark space is a unique environment with a capacity of 5,000 people, blending elements of an open area with the influence of a coastal zone. It features a small stage that required powerful lighting capable of working in daytime and nighttime settings. In its design, several features have been taken into account to create an appealing ambiance in which the Zonda 9 FX lights have played a crucial role in delivering a unique experience.

The latest acquisition and investment for this significant venue was the new Zonda 9 FX by Ayrton, a lighting fixture that has stood out for its advanced technology and creative possibilities, thanks to the versatility of its features and optical effects. Megapark has chosen to place them at the rear of the stage among screens. They have a large screen behind the stage and four 1-metre by 3-metre ‘totems,’ with three Zonda 9 FX units placed between each ‘totem,’ totaling 12 Zonda 9 FX fixtures.

The Zonda 9 FX fixtures are lighting units that allows the creation of an atmosphere suitable for the desired situation but, in the case of Megapark, they have been used as a complement to LED screens, creating much more impressive effects for attendees by projecting patterns, colours, and movements, enhancing the audience’s experience.

The venue already has lights like the Ayrton Perseo Beam to create incredible aerial effects in a large, open space like Megapark. However, the Zonda 9 FX is the perfect tool to achieve stunning visual effects, just as Megapark’s Technical Director, Daniel Morales, had envisioned.

Megapark’s goal has been centred around equipping the space with IP-rated lighting, and due to their positive prior experience with Ayrton and their Perseo Beam lights, they decided to go with this brand once again.

These LED fixtures not only deliver a pleasing and colourful wash effect but also allow for individual control of each light source, enabling the creation of 3D volumetric effects with the light beam, as well as illuminating the outlines of the LED cells with their LiquidEffect™ technology, resulting in entirely unique creative outcomes.

Zonda 9 FX offers unique versatility due to the advanced LiquidEffect™ technology, which allows for the generation of high-definition liquid effects, perfect for creating ideal atmospheres in spaces like Megapark.

Innovation and Technology Combined in the Zonda 9 FX

This lighting fixture, designed to be a revolution in stage lighting, is equipped with a 40W LED source with additive RGB+W color synthesis. Furthermore, it features a sphere with 37 PMMA lenses, measuring 384 mm in diameter, providing 25,000 lumens, and offering a 14:1 zoom range from 4 to 56 degrees.

The Zonda 9 FX has been equipped with a specialized cooling system for safety against temperature excesses, as well as variable selection ventilation, allowing for adjustments to this spotlight based on the specific requirements of different spaces.

The Zonda 9 FX luminaires unleash countless creative possibilities without limits.

The installation was made by Stonex, Ayrton’s exclusive distributor for Spain.