ARTELEA Cradle to Cradle Certified®, Free-Standing Office Luminaire – For Uncompromising Flexibility and Sustainability
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A real chameleon, Zumtobel’s slimline free-standing office luminaire ARTELEA adapts to a wide variety of New Work scenarios while never compromising on sustainability. It combines an understated appearance and high lumen output of up to 38,000 lumen in a luminaire that is both timeless and future-proof. One pole, two different sizes of luminaire heads in various configurations plus a wall luminaire equals up to nine possible variations – all individual but with a uniform look that facilitates a consistent office design language and maximum creative freedom.

Sustainable and modular

All aspects of ARTELEA have been designed with flexibility and circularity in mind, with the help of materials that are up to 80 percent recyclable and a product design that is versatile enough to adapt to today’s New Work environments. The luminaire was developed in accordance with the Zumtobel Circular Design Rules (CDRs) and is both the first Zumtobel product and one of the first luminaires on the market to receive the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Product Standard Version 4.0 certification.

It was designed entirely in line with circular product design principles, with high-quality raw materials such as aluminium, steel and sheet steel used to ensure they can be separated and reused at the end of the free-standing luminaire’s useful life. ARTELEA’s electronics and optics enable an average service life of 100,000 hours. Based on usage over a standard 40-hour work week, this free-standing luminaire will last for around 48 years.

Conversion kits for smart light retrofitting

All of ARTELEA’s individual elements can be easily accessed when the luminaires are being retrofitted, while their modular design means they are quick and convenient to remove, in keeping with the ‘Design for Disassembly’ concept. The entire luminaire head including the individual components such as the optics or electronics are simple to replace. Most of the components are suitable for a second or even a third usage phase which reduces not only material consumption and the associated resources, but also CO2 emissions: the reuse of components enables approx. 74.2 kg of CO2 to be saved.

Using ARTELEA and swarm technology to create an ‘swarm of light’

ARTELEA is equipped with an interface for swarm, a new Zumtobel technology that automatically connects individual free-standing luminaires. If a luminaire detects the presence of a person, it is activated and sends a notification to the luminaires in its immediate vicinity, which automatically dim up to pre-defined levels. In the office, the presence-detecting luminaire acts as a central point of light and works with the gently dimmed luminaires in the surrounding area to create an atmosphere that combines safety, a feeling of well-being and energy efficiency.

swarm technology uses the ceiling reflection to send an infrared broadcast between different luminaires. With a diameter of just 35 millimetres, the flat swarm module can be connected to any ARTELEA free-standing luminaire using the plug-and-play function – no programming required. Via infrared, swarm automatically establishes a connection to the surrounding luminaires.

Continuously dimmable light that reflects the rhythms of the natural world

To provide effective support for office personnel working with display screen equipment, ARTELEA uses tunableWhite with a real-time clock function: light colours and intensities that synchronise with the daylight help improve concentration and performance. The satinised microprismatic optics of the luminaire reduce the subjective perception of glare by distributing the light uniformly over the entire desk.

ARTELEA is fully compliant with the updated standard for lighting in indoor workplaces (DIN EN 12464-1:2021-11). However, in order to take into account the needs of individual users – within the legal requirements – employees can adjust basic settings for themselves, ensuring maximum self-efficacy and increasing well-being.

ARTELEA is the work of EOOS Design. Harald Gründl, partner at EOOS Design, on the product features of the luminaire: “The ARTELEA free-standing luminaire series adheres closely to the criteria of circular design. ARTELEA can be easily maintained or subsequently upgraded with state-of-the-art lighting technology. It comes in individually adaptable modules, is easy to modify and can be reconditioned for a significantly extended service life. All the electronics are integrated in the ultra-flat ARTELEA light heads. An innovative docking port system enables the free-standing luminaire to be reconfigured or modified at a later date, making ARTELEA the perfect solution for future-proof, long-lasting and flexible office applications.”