Turn it – suspension, wall lamp
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Design: Rocco Este

Light is the only protagonist of the Turn it collection, to encourage the maximum integration of light into architecture and space.

A sharp blade, a unifying line. A suspended beam to bind the walls into a union.

Triangular-section profiles made of thin extruded aluminum (16 mm thick) are deliberately designed in the name of total essentiality, reducing themselves to mere function.

Each profile carries and wraps the linear LED strip light bar. Thanks to a simple and intuitive mechanism, the bar, rotating its two pivots at the ends in the wall version, draws different configurations of light, direct or reflected, in space.

A continuous element, single or modular, horizontal or vertical.

The suspension structure is modular and modular according to various combinations thanks to angular and linear joints, as well as the possibility of inserting spotlights from below, thanks to a sliding system, inside the profile.

With multiple elements of Turn It, countless configurations can be created for every design need:

- Aluminum frame, painted white or black.

- Strip led backlighting included and optional spotlight.


- Single suspension in lengths, modules of 110 cm or 154 cm

- Wall sconce length available in 150 cm or 200 cm