PROJECT FOCUS: Grocery store creates a customer experience ‘like no other’ with unconventional lighting design
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Satilla Grocery is a family-owned business in Southeast Georgia. Originally located in Waynesville, the family wanted to expand its presence with a second location in Sterling. Southpaw Contractors was hired to complete the build, and in turn, it brought in Waycross Winlectric™ Company as the electrical contractor.

The overall design intent was to create a modern yet country look, successfully blending an upscale feel while keeping the space friendly. While a typical grocery store features long lines of strip lighting down each aisle, Waycross, tasked with providing the lighting package, was given very different instructions.

"The message we received from the beginning was that this was not going to be a standard grocery store," said W. Brandon Perry, Operations Manager at Waycross. "Satilla wanted a look and feel ‘like no other.’"

Luminis’ Hollowcore HC1605 was selected as the store’s primary lighting source. There are a total of 98 high bay pendants suspended along the main aisles, delivering illumination down to the aisles and shelves below. The 19” diameter luminaires, in a matte silver finish, provide a striking contrast against the black industrial ceiling.

Hollowcore is designed around a circular LED light engine; its airy open centre gives a modern, clean aesthetic, while an acrylic diffuser eliminates glare. 

“Glare can be a significant problem in a grocery store,” Perry said. “The Hollowcore pendants create a balanced, even light over the product shelves, with no glare.”

All pendants are 3500K colour temperature, the standard for a grocery environment to ensure customers can effectively see products, read labels, etc. They also feature 0-10V dimming drivers tied to a lighting control panel that conserves energy day and night.

“The luminaires give the store a really unique aesthetic, and the quality of light is excellent,” said Perry.


PROJECT NAME: Satilla Grocery

LOCATION: Sterling, Georgia, USA

CATEGORY: Interior Lighting


ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR: Waycross Winlectric™ Company

LUMINIS AGENT: Architectural Sales and Illumination

PHOTOGRAPHY: Adam Goldberg