LiteTrace announces BETA release of TraceContractor platform for networked lighting controls
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Shenzhen, China – LiteTrace, a leading global provider of Bluetooth® wireless commercial lighting control components and software, recently announced the Beta release of TraceContractor™, LiteTrace’s web platform for smart lighting project management. TraceContractor is a comprehensive commercial lighting tool for simplifying lighting projects and saving labor. TraceContractor helps contractors and project managers to easily manage their lighting projects and users by providing simple administrator tools for project viewing and controlling user access. The platform will also include energy monitoring, remote diagnosis, pre-commissioning, remote-commissioning, and APIs for inter-operation with 3rd-party systems. TraceContractor is an online software companion designed to operate with LiteTrace’s DLC-listed Keilton® APP and Bluetooth® network lighting controls.

TraceContractor notable features, upon full release:

- Easily manage large lighting projects – TraceContractor’s “Hierarchy View” feature allows a quick view of all sub-projects and zones within a lighting project. Quickly overview all scenes, groups, and individual nodes.

- User and Access Management – Project administrators can change QR codes and disable old QR codes to prevent unwanted access.

- Remote commissioning – Remotely commission sensor settings, copy existing configuration to new sensors.

- Asset Tracking – Upload floor plans and assign positions on the plan to each sensor. Trace position of assets on the map.

- Heatmapping / HVAC Integration – Analyze occupancy data to create heatmaps and integrate data with HVAC systems.