PROJECT FOCUS: Landscape lighting is a ‘good neighbour’ in residential lake community
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West Shores is a 640-acre residential lake community in Waterloo, Nebraska. Until recently, the primary amenities included a children’s park, walking trail, and marina. Developers sought to introduce a mixed-use building on the lake’s shores, consisting of a large event centre and smaller retail tenants.

As the first commercial building in the community, one of the key objectives was to blend with the lake, the environment, and the surrounding residences. For example, the landscape design includes elements like an attractive lakeside retaining wall that emulates nearby homes.  

“Our number one goal was to be a good neighbour,” said Steve Farrington, partner at Morrissey Engineering and electrical project manager for this initiative. “From an exterior lighting perspective, this meant introducing illumination that minimized impact on nearby residences and avoided light pollution.”

Luminis Lumiquad LQ641 columns were selected to illuminate the pathways around the building facade, adjacent driveways, and parking lots. A total of 22 columns, each with a 6” x 6” footprint, offer a safe and secure level of lighting as visitors navigate the facility at night.

Farrington selected an optional louver to ensure the light goes exactly where needed, minimizing light spillage to the lake and homes. And a cast aluminum top cover helps make the luminaire Dark Sky friendly.

The crisp, geometric lines of LQ641 provide an attractive accent to the property’s minimalist landscaping. And the luminaires also serve as wayfinding for the parking lot across the street from the building. They effectively create a colonnade effect, marking the path up to the building’s entrance.

Nebraska weather varies significantly during the year, so choosing a luminaire that could withstand the elements was crucial. Lumiquad’s aluminum construction and integrated struts act as a reinforcing cage to ensure the columns are robust and durable. The luminaire is also IP65 rated, with a lifetime beyond 60,000 hours.

"We know Lumiquad will perform well and hold up well over the long run,” Farrington said.

Feedback from the developers and neighbors has been very positive.

“This was a great fixture for this project,” said Farrington. “It produces a good quality of light and distribution, minimizes light spill to the neighbors, and the louvers provide excellent glare control. And the aesthetics are fantastic.”



LOCATION: Waterloo, Nebraska, USA

CATEGORY: Exterior Lighting


ENGINEER: Morrissey Engineering

LUMINIS AGENT: Central Sales

PHOTOGRAPHY: Architectural Photography Inc.