Zytronic showcases an array of exciting ElectroglaZ™ demos that capture the imagination at Light + Building
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Newcastle, UK – Zytronic will showcase its proprietary ElectroglaZ™ technology at this year’s Light+Building. Visitors to the stand (Hall 9.0, Stand D09) will be able to operate first-hand a range of technical demonstrations that depict snippets of possible use cases for Zytronic’s innovative power transfer technology that delivers low voltage through a transparent glass panel without visible wires or cables.

Setting the scene, there will be an old-school science experiment with an LED lightbulb revealing how the ElectroglaZ™ technology works. Users of this demonstration can flip the Frankenstein-style light switch plate to turn the lightbulb on and off, with multimeters showing the voltage and current levels passing through the vertical glass panel with no visible cables or wires to the bulb - they can even take out the bulb to check that there are no hidden tricks.

Also on the stand will be a high-end Hi-Fi system demonstrating how the ElectroglaZ™ technology can simultaneously power a set of floating Bluetooth® speakers and an LCD display transmitting data through a wireless Bluetooth® connection. In addition, the system integrates Zytronic’s ZyBrid® projected capacitive touch technology with carved features on the surface of the glass to provide a tactile feel for users to adjust the volume, pause, and so on.

Other demonstrations that help stimulate the endless possibilities of where the ElectroglaZ™ technology can be used include an illuminated shelving unit – the type one may see in a luxury department store, museum or jewellery shop, displaying products in their premium state without the clutter of wires. There is also an illuminated mirror with lightbulbs plugged into its perimeter that can be individually or collectively controlled wirelessly via Zigbee® communication using a convenient mobile app. Similarly, a halo-shaped glass chandelier, suspended from the ceiling via piano wires, gives designers a taste of what they can achieve using this technology - from novelty photobooths or high-tech huddle rooms to spinning logos, the possibilities are endless.

“The key takeaways we’d like to give visitors to our stand during Light + Building is a visionary sneak peek of how ElectroglaZ™ can be utilized to deliver power transparently through glass to any low voltage device,” said Dr Andrew Morrison, Technical Director, Zytronic. “Whatever the device or devices you wish to power, be it lightbulbs, speakers, motors, fans, wireless phone chargers, or USB sockets and more, we can help you develop a creative system solution, with further enhancements utilising our expertise in touch technology, machined surface features, lamination, printing, and optical treatments.