Lighting Design Forum 2015 - Lighting our Heritage Landscapes
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Lighting our Heritage Landscapes is a sensitive topic of our times and our region, that’s why it spontaneously became the title of the 2nd edition of the Lighting Design Forum organized by TFO Private Limited and NTU (Nanyang Technological University). Each edition of the Forum aims at a particular topic related to lighting design and indirectly to architecture design. Thanks to this year’s forum we will understand how two of the most famous lighting designers in the world panorama would face the problem of the integration of the heritage buildings which have to been seen and considered as a whole along with the modern ones. Ancient and modern have to talk to each other constantly. Good lighting design can fill the gap between the two souls of our cities and can give great emphasis to both of them. The main speakers, Mr Kaoru Mende and Mr Roger Narboni, have a massive work experience in this field that speaks for itself and does not need any comments:

Mr Roger Narboni is an independent french lighting designer that founded in 1988 the CONCEPTO Lighting Design Studio near Paris in France. In 1987 he launched a new discipline called Light Urbanism and during his career has realised more than 120 lighting master plans and numerous landscape, urban and architectural lightings both in France (Cathedrals of Paris and Reims, Garonne river landscape in Toulouse) and abroad (nightscape of Grand Canal in Hangzhou, Dujiangyan rivers nightscape, Main Gate of the old city of Jerusalem, Israël).
He is now a worldwide expert in lighting master planning and city lighting strategies.

Mr Kaoru Mende was born in Tokyo and founded the Lighting Planners Associates Inc. which has become a leading lighting design firm in the world. The aim of his design and planning activities ranges widely from residential architectural lighting design to urban and environmental lighting. Mr. Mende is also the acting chief of the Lighting Detectives, a citizens’ group that specializes in the study of the culture of lighting.

Mende has been involved in such superb projects as Tokyo International Forum, JR Kyoto Station, Singapore City Center Lighting Master Plan, Alila Villas Uluwatu, Aman New Delhi and Façade lighting for Tokyo station.

The Lighting Design Forum wants to propose this conference as a guide and source of inspiration for the lighting design practise offices in the region. In order to fulfil our goals the National Heritage Board and the Urban Redevelopment Authority have enthusiastically given us a great support for this event. Not to forget to mention all the sponsors that helped us during our work: Reggiani Spa Illuminazione, Performance in Lighting S.p.a., and Eye Lighting Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. They made this event possible allowing a free entrance to whom would like to enjoy a special afternoon with full immersion in the lighting design world.

The complete schedule of the forum and the registration form are available at the web site

Title: Lighting our Heritage Landscapes
Date: November 12, 2015
Time : starting from 4:15 p.m.
Location: The URA Centre FUNCTION HALL, 45 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069118

*Free Entrance – seating is limited and entrance is strictly by registration on a first come first serve basis.