Aqua Creations – Centerpiece for Suzuki Showroom
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Tel Aviv, Israel – Aqua Creations was commissioned by Suzuki to design the centerpiece for the new main branch and showroom in Rishon LeZion, Israel. Three Nana 200’s fan out across two floors, sending a warm glow across the entire space.

The sculptural shape and Aqua’s ‘Flame’ silk colour complement the aesthetics of the space, as well as the Japanese design elements that can be found throughout the showroom. The lighting fixtures are suspended amidst the central stairs, which at the ground floor is surrounded by a Japanese Zen garden.

Part of the Jewel Family, the Nana 200 is a mobile hanging sculptural light fixture that pays homage to the kinetic artworks of Alexander Calder. Movement is driven by the invisible air currents in your surroundings. Its five feather-like shades twist gently in the breeze.

Photo credit: All images courtesy of Michael Shvadron for Aqua Creations