Inter-lux launches all new linear lighting products
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Baltimore, Maryland, USA – ProTools 60 Linear is the most recent addition to an extensive Whitegoods offering of innovative lighting tools.

Whitegoods ProTools 60 Linear is a complete range of high-performance, extremely low-brightness luminaires allowing designers to put light where it is meant to be without becoming the brightest object in the space. All lighting distributions including specialized wall graze, wall wash and perimeter systems are available in all mounting conditions. The entire Whitegoods product line is designed, engineered and produced in Maryland.

All Protools products use the Whitegoods proprietary, high-performance constant current LED boards – the same boards that can be specified in all Whitegoods linear and cove luminaires. Tunable White LED boards are available from 2200K-4000K to be selected while maintaining the same high-quality colour rendering as the standard LED. This feature is highly effective in health and wellness applications, as well as workspaces to increase productivity, architectural spaces to match natural light, and for design focus in retail and hospitality environments.

“ProTools 60 Linear is a world-class product family that will show interior spaces in the best light by delivering high-colour rendering illumination where it is needed without glare or distracting lens brightness. This range allows designers to create a consistent lighting theme for all spaces within a project from one succinct, logical and aesthetically congruent range of luminaires,” said Mark DeVries, CEO.