CoeLux® presents the 2021 collections
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Como, Italy – This year, CoeLux has added two new products to its collections and the innovative Smart Sky technology which allows the light of the sun and the sky to be modulated at the same time to simulate a day passing. CoeLux has proven itself amazing once again through its ability to bring natural light to any environment, further facilitating the installation of its systems and offering a light experience that is as new as it is natural.

New CoeLux products for 2021, CoeLux HT25Mini and CoeLux Sky Line are fundamental additions to the company’s collection: their common feature is the reduced size that permits individual systems to be used in all space sizes, also in association with CoeLux systems from other collections if necessary.

Both new products can also be used with the innovative Smart Sky technology, with which CoeLux adds a further element of realism. There is an important link between light and the passing of time: light can trigger certain physiological mechanisms by controlling circadian rhythms, the internal clock that regulates the 24-hour sleep-wake cycle and responds to changes of light in the environment.

Smart Sky is the innovative technology developed by CoeLux that permits the colours that emerge over the course of the day to be simulated, increasing the psychological and physical comfort of the user, while proving to be ideal in any type of space. Replicating the natural sun-sky combination, Smart Sky recreates the scenarios that mimic a day from sunrise to sunset; it is available for CoeLux HT25 and for the new 2021 products, CoeLux HT25 Mini and CoeLux Sky Line.