Gaggenau Presents The Flex Induc tion Cook Tops With Integrated Ventilation System - Automation That Frees Up Individual Creativity
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Now, also with an efficient integrated ventilation system, the cooktops remove the distraction of having to monitor the air quality. Offering the private chef a huge array of cooking experiences in one appliance, the flex induction cooktops with integrated ventilation system is available for sale. Professional cooking requires perfect frying results and precision cooking.

The flex induction cooktops achieve both. They now also have an integrated ventilation system that can be set to automatically vent the air whenever in use. Available in air recirculation or air extraction mode, they can determine their own power level based on the vapour detected in the atmosphere and can continue when no longer being used.

Energy efficient, powerful motors work in tandem with airflow ducting to ensure minimal volume of both noise and space, but maximum effectiveness: 85 percent of odours are removed during air recirculation thanks to the activated charcoal filters. All of which enables the private chef to concentrate of creating cuisine, not clearing the air. The flex function in the cooktops combines individual cooking areas so that large items of cookware can be used flexibly. The professional cooking function is ideal for frying, simmering or making sauces. It divides the cooktop into three pre-set heat areas so cookware can be easily moved for a swift transition from boiling to simmering. These heat areas can also be individually defined – as in professional kitchens.

All this flexibility does not dilute the strength. The booster function of these cooktop swill temporarily raise the power from 2200 W to 3700 W for truly searing heat. There is a keep warm function, a cooking sensor function that displays temperature rather than power levels and a frying sensor that maintains an even heat, reducing the chance of burning. The Twist-Pad control with removable magnetic knob facilitates instant and clear communication as well as better control. The magnetic knob, also available in black as a special accessory, can even be lifted off, for ease of cleaning or for child safety. The 80 cm cooktops can be offered with or without stainless steel frames for flush- or surface-mounted. Simple to install, they are a highly efficient solution in every kitchen plan. The flex induction cooktops with integrated ventilation system will be available to purchase at the Gaggenau Experience Centre.

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