Seasonstone Singapore Brings Surfaces Built For The Future
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Seasonstone takes pride in building a sustainable future with its engineered quartz surfaces. Accredited as a Singapore Green Building Product, Seaonstone recycles over 95% of the water utilized across our manufacturing process. This is done through a filtration system that makes use of natural gravity to filter the chalky water from manufacturing through 6 giant reservoirs each reservoir filtering the different sized particles.

Apart from recycling water, Seasonstone uniquely reduces manufacturing wastage to less than 2% by customizing their slab plates for their projects. This practice creates an environment where there is less waste produced, increasing the efficiency of the materials and lowing their carbon footprint. Seasonstone is simultaneously inspired by the world’s leading design consultants and interior architects while being built from a foundation of grit and fortitude – Seasonstone’s engineered quartz surfaces are world-class, long-lasting surfaces created through leading vibro-compaction compression technology. This technology removes air pockets in the material making it extremely dense and hard, perfect for use in a diverse range of interior finishing such as floor/wall tiles and countertops.

Seasonstone is built consciously with our customers in mind. Their materials are sent for heavy metal leaching tests in Singapore to ensure that these quartz are free from harmful heavy metals and toxins, making it safe for even toddlers to play on. The tests are all handled by Singapore’s more stringent testing agencies for their peace of mind. Seasonstone Quartz is also industry certified in Singapore to ensure that their surfaces are resilient, hardy and scratch resistant. Achieving a MOHs scratch hardness of 8 and an average 0.01% water absorption rate on their test reports. As such, maintenance of Seasonstone Quartz is simple. Its non-porosity does not allow for harmful mold and mildew to grow on its surface and at the same time, does not allow for stains to seep into its surfaces; spilt coffee and wine will be the least of your worries.

Channeling both elegance and strength from nature, Seasonstone never sits still, constantly developing alongside the latest trends to keep up with the growing demands of today’s architecture landscape.

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