KON Customises Bathroom Experience with Cast Stone
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Stone has traditionally been used to enhance character and style to prestigious properties, but today, architects are using cast stone instead to achieve the same, if not better, visual impact. Cast stone also sits lighter on the wallet, and has a much reduced project risk. Spotting this trend, KON started focusing on their research and development to apply the cast stone technology on their customizable sanitary products, such as the bathtubs and basins.

KON Cast Stone bathroom collection weaves contemporary functionality into everyday lives with their newest design. The new generation of the Cast Stone series of sanitary ware is environmentally friendly and, through innovative product technology breakthroughs, is available for personalization. As the cast stone is a new type of mineral filling, its high molecular composite material allows the product to be shaped into both elegant curves and straight-edged finishes. After a professional ratio and high temperature curing, it is able to keep the surface at ceramic finishes but while retaining a natural marble texture.

With its seamless processing and splicing, dreamy color textures and a constraint-free element, it allows creativity in customization and production. Users can work their creative requirements and watch KON spin their designs into life, the end product being create purpose-made products to your precise specification. Lest to say, KON’s skilled craftsmen can fulfil your design requirements for bespoke items and turn them into reality.

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