Bravat's new series draws inspiration from Finnish woods
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Bravat has been keeping abreast of market needs as well as the housing industry to provide uniform stringent implementation of standards. Bravat believes that the quality of each home should be in the same line, allowing each customer a quality assurance of the bathroom space.

Inspired by streams from the Finnish woods, ‘Helsinki’ evokes sense and sensibilities of nature. The balanced and modern form was deliberately designed to avoid any gimmicks of “organic” shapes. Yet by cutting a crisp and elegant strip along the opening, ‘Helsinki’ highlights the texture of naturally flowing water, subtly transports users to nature. Enjoy the convenience of modern life and the freshness of nature – it is the core of the culture of Helsinki.

Enjoy Lead-Free and Carefree
Bravat implements lead-free copper material in this product. Each of their productions are in line with stringent standard to prevent the water pollution in order to achieve healthier home living standard.

Enjoy Warranty
Users can enjoy the smooth feel and precise positioning from the good spool. The spool is equivalent to the heart of the faucet, enabling the sustainability of their life span. The imported ceramic valve core in the faucet has a good, wear-resistance sealing. It is durable - tested 800,000 times of the opening and closing without dripping.

Excellent Mirror Plating Process
The chrome layer ensures a smooth appearance with its lengthening of the water nozzle in natural droop design, extending the water distance and the use of the past without tilting the head. As a high-end brand of Dietsche Group with more than 140 years of history, the mission of Bravat is to create a gracious living space, lightening up the user’s life by stylish products with high quality. Bravat’s modern and professional creation ensures every individual product is well-equipped with aesthetics, ergonomics and efficient fluid mechanics.

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