Patricia Urquiola Designs The Interiors Of The New Laufen Showroom In Madrid
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Laufen has always chosen to work with outstanding names in design, for the creation of products and their communication as well as for their exhibition settings: for the new showroom in Madrid the company has turned to Patricia Urquiola, the most highly acclaimed, prize-winning and versatile designer of the moment.

The context of the new showroom, with an area of almost 200 square meters, is a historic villa from the early 1900s. Organized on two levels, it is a completely different, more engaging space with respect to the previous location. In this facility exclusively set aside for architects and designers, Patricia Urquiola brilliantly narrates the spirit of the Swiss company, applying a more sensitive approach.

The designer of Spanish origin residing in Milan has responded fully to the expectations formulated in her dialogue with Laufen Bathrooms: her flexible talent has generated a space of vivid experience, a realistic, informal setting that is perfect to welcome industry professionals. A new showroom concept, like a sort of training centre, where technicians and architects can meet and work together.

The shared perspectives of the philosophy of Laufen and the genius of Patricia Urquiola are undoubtedly rigor and functional quality. These aspects are reflected in the environment and enhanced by the ability to trigger emotions, in an affective rapport between the viewer and the collections on display stimulating the designer and architect to make Laufen products a part of their projects, and therefore a part of everyday life.

Urquiola uses a modern language to interpret the interior of the villa, in a more flexible and international way. Every room is framed with a tubular natural black iron frame embellished with a gold galvanized finish in the corners. The colours and the materials take inspiration from the exclusive materials used for the design of the bathroom. Marbles mixed with onyx, mirror glass, resin, oak wood and iron in light tones, with contrasting points of colour.