Innovations In Silestone® Quartz
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Silestone® by Cosentino is one of the world’s leading brand in quartz surfaces. This high-tech material is highly resistant to stains, knocks and scratches, and has a low level of fluid absorption. The unlimited material comes in over 90 colours, three textures and several different formats that will effortlessly transform your space.

Cosentino highlights the unique range of Silestone® with the new Silestone® Integrity Sink and Silestone® most sensual texture, Suede. Silestone® Integrity Sink is the sink that changes everything. No pieces, no creases, no limits. With the Integrity Sink, your kitchen will be whole. Integrity gives you the sensation of unity and perfect integration with the rest of the elements of your worktop. This innovative product launch boasts all the remarkable characteristics of Silestone® that makes it the premier product on the market.

These features include: High Scratch Resistance, Durability, Bacteriostatic Protection and remarkable design. With the Integrity Sink, expect various colour options, a harmonious design flow and the ease of simple installation. DUE XL is the newest in the selection of Integrity Sink, measuring 465mm (length), X 700mm (width), X 235mm (height), expect a luxuriously larger than life experience where design meets function.

Cosentino also takes its further by introducing the Silestone® Suede finish, a one of a kind matte surface with a distinctive design aesthetic. Elegant and soft to the touch, it performs extraordinarily against stains with great colour consistency. With over 50 colours, the material is ideal for use as worktops and tiling.