Simas. Color As A Harmonious Link Between Sinks And Sanitary Ware
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Color in SIMAS’s collections of designer washbasins and sanitary ware, 100 percent made in Italy, becomes the harmonious link that gives the bathroom that functional and elegant aesthetic feeling, even in the combination of different collections. Thanks to the high and refined workmanship of the ceramic material, the washbasins are available in many shapes, round, oval, square, rectangular, with integrated, countertop, wall-hung and free-standing tops, and in as many sizes from the very small 25cm hand basins to the large 141cm double-bowl washbasins. The newly developed, strictly rimless sanitary ware, in which distinct design sensibility makes them function even with a minimum amount of water (4/2.5 litres), in compliance with the UNI EN 997 standard.

An example is given by the combination of the recent washbasin collections BALLOON, signed by Simas Design Team, and PO•MO, designed by Terri Pecora, with the wall-hung or floor-standing WCs and bidets of the HENGES collection, signed by Simone Micheli. Collections declined in the wide trendy colour palette of as many as 19 nuances, from the wide range of Matt finishes Bianco, Nero, Antracite, Cemento, Tela, Pervinca, Navy, Mirto, Prugna, Moka and Sabbia, to the brand new and attractive glossy finishes Caramello (tending to powder pink), Capri (a deep shade of blue between cyan and blue), Menta (deep cool green), Narciso (energetic yellow), Rubino (deep dark red), Grafite (bright gray), in addition to the classic glossy nero and bianco.

BALLOON by SIMAS. 4 "bowls" of friendly design, declined in two square and two circular shapes with different diameters and depths, with a strong personality, joyful, full of light, color and overflowing with energy, thanks also to the brand new glossy colors. Dimensions: two round washbasins, one Ø45xH20cm, the other Ø40xH25cm; two square washbasins, one 45x45xH20cm, the other 40x40xH25; two freestanding columns one round Ø27.5xH65cm and the other square 27.5x27.5xH65cm, which accommodate the round and square washbasin in H20cm respectively.

PO•MO by SIMAS. A line of washbasins, countertop, suspended and free-standing with geometric and decisive shapes, whose aesthetic is characterized by a "step" at the base of each piece. The round and the oval are the chosen shapes, which play on different dimensions in the base and height: the round Ø37xH19cm, Ø33xH24cm, and the oval 56x37xH19cm, 50x33xH24cm, to which are added two suspended washbasins with a base at the back, the round Ø37x43xH19cm and the oval 56x43xH19cm, plus two freestanding washbasins Ø40xH85cm, one of which is specifically for the center of the room.

HENGES by SIMAS, toilet bowl, strictly rimless, and bidet that are part of a complete collection, distinguished by high quality manufacturing, solid, imposing, safe forms and at the same time soft and elegant, in size, beauty of colors, sophisticated finishes. Iconic pure and silent volumes, whose design peculiarities enhance the architectural cleanliness of ceramic forms. Dimensions 38x55cm.

SIMAS, since 1955, has been making ceramic washbasins and sanitary ware with certified production processes that pay great attention to the circular economy and issues such as water/energy saving, to make green products with reduced environmental impact that are functional, safe in use and easy to clean.

SIMAS, 100% made in Italy quality granted by the Ceramics of Italy brand, from Confindustria Ceramica.