Introducing the Marrakech Wall Basin
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Australia – Omvivo, a pioneer in innovative bathroom design, proudly presents Marrakech.  Made in Melbourne, Marrakech is part of Omvivo’s expanding Australian ‘Made’ Collection. 

‘Made’ comprises of bespoke bathroom pieces, designed by Omvivo and hand crafted from superior Omvivo Solid Surface™.  The unique collection is ideal for a wide range of environments from residential to commercial, offering innovative designs and flexibility.

Taking inspiration from its namesake, Marrakech puts a contemporary spin on the traditional architecture and interiors of the iconic city.  The Marrakech basin features sophisticated curves and an elegant, elongated arched mirror reminiscent of a traditional Moroccan fountain.

The seamlessly integrated splash back, vessel and mirror create a refined aesthetic.  With room for a soap dispenser on the basin and the option of an integrated hand towel slot along the front of the shroud, Marrakech provides practicality as well as beauty.  Available in a range of colours, Marrakech basins are supplied with a matching solid surface pop up plug to complete the look. 

Designed to elevate the bathroom experience, the Marrakech basin will add sophistication and personality to a wide range of environments including residential, hospitality and commercial spaces. 

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Australian ‘Made’ Collection showcases Omvivo’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.  Each Marrakech basin is skilfully made by hand from 100 percent silica free Omvivo Solid Surface™, ensuring the highest standards of quality and durability.