A class in geometry: the Delessard aquatic wonder
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As we edge into summer’s lively song, I am sure the cheery task of revitalizing your home with a fresh splash of colour has come closer and closer to the forefront of your “home ideas” mental catalogue. Instead of pushing it into next year, as we always do, why not make a conscious effort to get into it this year?

Across the board, A-list designers have declared geometric designs and marble to make a spectacular show of themselves this year, inadvertently rushing furniture giants into a flurry to get their symmetrical game face on. I must say I welcome this colourful trend with glee – we all could do with a little more jazz in our lives.

Here are one of the seven different surfaces featured in our magazine, varying in style and materials, which can suit any home:


The sculptural glass ceiling, with a prismatic shape and tones is illustrating its underwater magic, becoming a form representation of the refraction of natural light on the water and denser water as Nemo and his accomplices may have seen. 

The key aspect of this element is the extraordinary bookcase aboard the Nautilus that Jean de Lessard has conceptualized and successfully integrated in his design. In one fluid motion, the striking honeycomb ceiling becomes a sweeping tsunami of shelves. This is a simple, practical and ingenious way to maximize the store area surface.