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In 2021, Canadian furniture studio, Union Wood Co, teamed up with Alyssa Lewis of Studio Block to design and build a series of seating called the Slab Collection. With increasing interest from both the design community and clients, the studios were inspired to expand on the collection with complementing tables, storage units, and accent tables.

The additions to the Collection draw upon Lewis’ initial minimal perspective to design furniture that easily integrates into people’s lives without distraction. The simplicity in form and function allows the furniture to serve its fundamental purpose. Tables and chairs create a space for people to gather, and the storage and accent pieces allow for order and organization.


In Lewis’ words, “With all of the visual noise that surrounds us on a daily basis, I like to simplify things in my design work in order to quiet the world around us."


The potential of lines

The unifying traits found in the Slab Collection may seem nominal to many, but each was artfully selected to make the collection visually satisfying when staged together.


The potential of lines is a continuous detail seen throughout the Collection. These lines lend a strong graphical appearance when viewed from the front, side, and top views, while perspective views reveal unexpected depth from the inset surfaces.


This subtle relation of dimensions was achieved by extruding specific panels and surfaces, creating the right angled corners and inset lines that give this collection its modern minimalist character.


Speaking the same language 

Designing a furniture collection that cohesively speaks the same language was the priority when Union Wood Co and Studio Block returned to their collaboration. To speak the same language, additions to the Slab Collection had to visually and philosophically originate from the same place. No piece would stand out as an individual for its different details or points of view.


Studio Block approaches its design work with a minimalist’s eye and a desire to create serene living environments. In practice, Lewis’ reductionist philosophy simplifies objects down to their fundamental form. When asked what reductionism means to her, Lewis explained:


“What it ultimately means to me as a designer is to remove the unnecessary as far as possible in order for designed objects to seamlessly fit into space subliminally communicating a sense of ease and trust.”


To complement this design direction, Union Wood Co’s core value is crafting furniture that will stand the test of time. Craig Pearce, the founder of Union Wood Co, believes that well-made furniture plays a supportive role in spaces by providing the core location for people to gather, work, and play.


Between the two companies, there was a shared understanding to provide impactful furniture that will simplify the lives of people without sacrificing value.

The Slab Collection is a collaboration of thoughtful design and construction. Studio Block paired its philosophy of reductionism with Union Wood Co’s foundation of woodworking and craft in order to design the collection. Together, the two companies have created a  functional collection that will be a timeless addition to any space.

About Union Wood Co

Union Wood Co is rooted in designing high-quality, handcrafted furniture for residential and commercial environments. Based in Vancouver, BC since 2009, Union Wood Co prioritizes well-crafted, functional, and accessible products that are encouraged to become the centerpiece of everyday life.


About Alyssa Lewis of Studio Block

Alyssa Lewis is the Creative Director of Studio Block, a Vancouver-based, multidisciplinary studio that focuses on design for residential and commercial interiors, fine art inspired products, and brand styling. Their approach is simple: to embrace a reductionist philosophy to produce items and spaces that beautifully function without distraction.

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